Have you ever heard that the whole U.S nation blamed if any terror attacked is been made by any American?

Have you ever heard that all Native Americans were blamed if any native found guilty of any violent activity?

Did you ever hear that all the British people were blamed if any native British throw acid on some one?

Have you ever heard that all the Indians were blamed if some Indians raped an innocent girl and then kill her?

Have you ever blamed all the Hindus, for killing Muslims for eating cow meat?

Are all the Jews accused, if a Jewish Child did massacre shootings in a high school in U.S?

Have you heard of calling a bearded Jew, terrorist, as the Muslims are targeted?

Have you ever thought that despite the right to live independently, why Veils (covering head and face) banned?

Have you ever?????????

Then why some communities are facing hatred and restrictions while traveling. Why some specific communities are targeted and why they have been labeled as “Terrorists”.

Why we hate specific communities and symbolize them as a terrorist?

Why a teenager or a young American adult involved in shootings and is recognized as mentally ill whereas, a Muslim teenager involved in any violent activity is labeled as Terrorist?

Have you ever thought these differences? Have you ever thought that why instead of cutting the roots of terrorism, why there is detestation against particular communities?

Whom should the Muslims blame when their religious places are attacked killing hundreds’ of people?

Even the leaders and the think tanks are blaming communities instead of eradicating the phenomenon of terrorism.

What is Terrorism?

Google the word “terrorism” and a number of definitions will come across. For some people, it’s an attack of planted bomb or a suicidal attack. Some people also include shooting (done by a member of a specific community).The new wave of terrorism might have included hitting by a vehicle or the acid attacks.

There is a different phenomenon too. Everything from a bomb attack to a car accident while drunk, done by anyone and anywhere is terrorism. It includes bombings, shootings, knife attacks, car hits, acid attacks, rapes, gang rapes, gang activities, smuggling, human trafficking and killing people brutally if they practice religion and torching their homes and properties etc.

Even those individuals and countries who supply weapons to certain groups are also a part of terrorism.

Terrorism has nothing to do with ethnicities and religions. It is an extreme mind set of some people. They live anywhere regardless of religion they follow.

There is one thing to remember—no religion and ethnicity allow Terrorism.

A debate on Impacts of violent games on teenagers is discussed since 20 years. Many of the critics argue that billions of teenagers play violent video games. But only if some are affected negatively, we should not blame the games. It may be the already present mental illness of those teenagers and young adults.  Taking the same point of view, if some members of a community or a specific religious group are involved in any violence or terror activity, it is not right to blame all of them.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation, from 1985 to 2005, 94 percent of the terrorist activities were made by Non-Muslims.

 According to the same report, the attacks by Jews were more than the attacks made by Muslims. Should we hate all the Jews calling them Terrorists—A loud of a roar of NO can be heard.

Similarly, Muslims were responsible for less than two percent of the attacks in Europe Continue reading “HATE AND FIGHT TERRORISM—NOT SPECIFIC COMMUNITIES”


5 W’s…And a H!

WordPress… I have gone through this word for so many times but never gone in details.. This is the first time I am posting something here…

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I belong to Pakistan, done B.S in Mass Communication. I am the most Love able Child  of my parents but nowadays very far from them not only physically but also emotionally. I hope as soon I start sharing my thoughts we will have a good time to learn from each other.  That is the only hope and this is the one H!